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Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Usage
  3. Router factory
  4. License


Add the following to your pom.xml :


Release version Snapshot version


Requests and responses are wrapped with the specific adapter.

// Vert.x
Request request = VertxRequest.of(RoutingContext rc);
// validate...
Library Version Client Server Dependency
Vert.x >= 3.? No VertxRequest io.vertx:vertx-web

Router factory

Like Vert.x vertx-web-api-contract router factory, this adapter comes with its equivalent adapted to this toolset.

Load the specification :

OpenApi3RouterFactory.create(vertx, "src/main/resources/api.yaml", ar -> {
  if (ar.succeeded()) {
    OpenApi3RouterFactory routerFactory = ar.result();
  } else {
    // Something went wrong...

Mounting the handlers :

BodyHandler commonBodyHandler = BodyHandler.create();
// This body handler won't be used as this operation uses GET HTTP method.
routerFactory.addOperationHandler("operationIdGet", commonBodyHandler, routingContext -> {
  // Do something with the validated request
// The body handler can be dedicated
BodyHandler restrictedBodyHandler = BodyHandler.create().setBodyLimit(150);
routerFactory.addOperationHandler("operationIdPost", restrictedBodyHandler, foo::processPost);

Getting the request parameters :

routerFactory.addOperationHandler("my_op", commonBodyHandler, routingContext -> {
  RequestParameters rqParameters = rc.get("rqParameters"); // Access the mapped parameters.
  // Mapped as JsonNode to get direct structured value primitive, array or object.
  JsonNode ... = rqParameters.getPathParameter("your_spec_param");
  JsonNode ... = rqParameters.getQueryParameter("your_spec_param");
  JsonNode ... = rqParameters.getHeaderParameter("your_spec_param");
  JsonNode ... = rqParameters.getCookieParameter("your_spec_param");

Mounting the security handlers :

You must conform to your specification when an operation declares security requirements. Otherwise, the router generation (#.getRouter()) will fail by throwing a ResolutionException.

// security handlers can be custom or official handlers from the Vert.x stack
routerFactory.addSecurityHandler("security_scheme_name", securityHandler);
// OAuth2 scope
routerFactory.addSecurityScopedHandler("security_scheme_name", "read:document" securityHandler);

Generate the router :

Router router = routerFactory.getRouter();
HttpServer server = vertx.createHttpServer(new HttpServerOptions().setPort(8080).setHost("localhost"));


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